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Nobody Likes Lice....

Mobile Lice Treatment.
We travel to you with everything needed to get rid of lice.

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picture of lice stages
Nymph and Adult Lice images
Nymph and Mature Louse

Image of Nit, Nymph and mature bug.

Lice Facts

Nits in hair. Very small, tear drop shape. Pictured below what it looks like on har.               
lice life cycle pic.jpg

Lice go through 3 phases of life, which lasts up to THREE WEEKS.  

Lice  ( mature bug - sesame size or smaller - brownish.)  Lice can live up to 30 days on a head !  

Nymph ( just hatched bug- smaller than pin head, difficult to see- brownish to clear color ) a Nymph takes 10-12 days to mature to a Louse.

Nit  ( eggs - tear drop shape, slightly visible on hair- brown to whitish color ). Nits take 7-10 days to hatch.

All three stages need to be eradicated to stop the lice life cycle otherwise you may think they are gone, but a week to 10 days later new eggs hatch....

***  It takes 21 days / 3 weeks to be absolutely sure that the lice life cycle has ended.

Over the counter products are very irritating to skin. They may kill lice but they do not kill nits; that is why these products typically do not work well.

Lice prefer clean hair so its not a hygiene issue.  All schools deal with lice issues, it can effect anyone.


You can have lice for weeks and not know it, this is why it's a problem and gets passed along. If there are only a few bugs they may not always cause itching but eventually you will feel or see a bug.

If the cycle continues you can end up with a huge infestation.

Nobody Likes Lice stops all cycle of lice. Our method has proven to be effective in 98% of cases.



We begin with a head check. We only do full treatment if necessary, unlike other places.


Using our mix of the most natural, non-sulfate free treatment product....                                                        the lice are paralyzed making it easier to comb out. The treatment also helps release the tight bond of nit 'glue', making it more manageable to get rid of most nits. 

We meticulously, but gently, go through the hair multiple times getting out every Louse, Nymph and Nit possible.  

This is the MOST effective way possible to get rid of the lice problem

Oils on hair for prolonged periods or other home remedies most often do not work. 

Or seem to have worked for a while.....

Depending on severity of case and type of hair treatment can take 30 minutes to well over an hour.

While we are combing out your son / daughter can watch a video, read, do homework..... typically moms are doing laundry, cleaning the house.

We have precise FOLLOW-UP INSTRUCTIONS strongly recommended to make sure all cycles of lice are completely over.  

98% of the time no second visit is required, only 2% of cases need to be re-treated either because follow up was not done completely or infestation was severe.

++ Some types of hair are also extremely difficult to comb out.

Lice Treatment

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