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Home Cleaning Facts

Washer & Dryer

Lice can only live off the head for about 24-48 hours. They need the heat of the head / humidity, protection and nourishment to survive.

If lice leave a 'host' head they need to find another host very quickly, so the next person closest is the best. 

The mature female bug, ready to lay her eggs, tend to want to move to another spot, which is why / how lice spread.

Nits (eggs) do not fall off hair onto cloths and they are not easily brushed out.  If there is a nit off the head it will not hatch... unless it was ready at that exact time and if it does hatch it cannot survive off a head.

Lice do not jump, fly or burrow into things like your mattress or the couch cushions, but they do move quick.

Some people go crazy cleaning / sanitizing every room in the house top to bottom.  This is not at all necessary, unless its due to be done anyway or you want too, go for it!

Lice Home Cleaning

You only need to clean the areas of the home and car/s the 'infected'  person has been in, in the last 24-48 hours.

The lice do not travel far and they cannot grab onto hard surface surfaces very well, so tend to stay on fabrics.

Any decorative / extra pillows, blankets or stuffed animals on bed / couch can be put in any type bag and left outside or in another part of house... 2 days is fine.

Bed sheets / pillow cases should be changed and can either go in bag 2 days or washed.  Mattress is fine, lice do not burrow.

** It is the hot dryer cycle that actually kills the bugs so you can skip full wash if not needed. Lice can hold breath in water.

45-50  minutes hot dryer cycle sufficient to kill lice.


Vacuuming Couch

Any clothing worn in the last 3 days should go in bag or wash / dryer.  Bedroom / other home areas used in last few days should be vacuumed. It can be quick.... don't have to get every corner or take apart couch.

Until lice are treated infected person should either wear a hat or some enclosed head covering while sitting in family rooms / vehicle... or be sure to do a quick tape roll and/or vacuum in areas 'lice person' goes in the next 7-10 days.


Change or tape roll pillowcase, bed sheets everyday first 7-10 days.  Clothing, towels used can be put in dryer or bag.

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