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  Lice Removal Services:

We make the process as easy as possible for you. We are very gentle and nice.  While we are treating you, you may watch a video, read, do homework...anything as long as you can sit still for a bit.  We only require a clean space at an indoor table with sufficient light. We bring everything needed.

Our rates are very reasonable, on low side, comparatively.  You will not and should not be spending $200 per head.                                       

Unlike other services, we do not charge by the time it takes or product used.

We are a local business, Petaluma based. Not based out of LA or somewhere else.


Travel costs within 10 miles of our Petaluma base are no additional charge.    


We do discount for multiple treatments in same household at same time.             **You can apply treatment costs to your HSA with a service receipt.                       


We do not treat toddlers or children under 5

or those that cannot sit as necessary for treatment.


  Treatment Pricing:

   Head Check: 

** Our head checks are done very meticulously. School checks are not very thorough. We most often can find the single nit.

** We do not come out to re-check heads already treated or not treated by us. Best to call original facility used to recheck their treatment.

First Check is $40, this is applied to treatment if necessary.

Other head checks in same household / same visit: $15 applied to treatment if needed.



Our treatment only requires a one-time visit, no follow up visit is necessary, but we will follow up via text on how you are doing with your care up to three weeks.

Short Hair  ( all prices are for boy or girl )     $100

Shoulder Length Hair / thin to medium thickness    $125   

Shoulder Length  / Very thick or Curly    $140

Long Hair past shoulder / thin / straight     $130 - $150

Long Hair past shoulder  / Coarse, Curly, Thick     $150-180

**  We have tried, but unfortunately we cannot comb through Kinky hair as needed therefore cannot guarantee our treatment to be effective.

These are always our 2% re-treat cases. 

We prefer not to treat this hair type unless relaxed and smoothly comb-able.


If we do need to re-treat a head it is 50% + $10 travel fee off original cost.

                 But if you follow After Care Instructions this is rare.

We can also offer very detailed after care instructions for over the counter treatment you do on your own.  This is $25.00 paid via Paypal.


We Accept Cash or PayPal / No Checks or Cards.

Nobody Likes Lice

530-412-3218  Call / Text

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